(Internet Ambient)

Hypertextual readings
( 2023— )

I call my performance practice internet ambient, hypertextual performances of internet-based art and electronic literature with live ambient music & participatory elements.

Each performance is highly dynamic and unique: I think 'hypertext' is a mode of performance too. (This is a performance of the browser, and the browser as performance.) the website is used as a concrete poem, my means of readings are constantly moved—from default gestures to the aid of screen readers. Each of my pieces blur into one another, landscapes inhabiting one another. The screen comes alive.

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🀣 🀢 🀥 🀤, (Berlin)

( November 2023 )
If You Knew Me Would You Love Me,
Index Space (San Francisco)

( October 2023 )
If You Knew Me Would You Love Me, (Berlin)

( August 2023 )
Artist Talk,
Living Room Light Exchange (Oakland)

( May 2024 )

I develop custom tools, scripts, networked utilities, etc. for these offline and online desktop performances. I'm interested in the spirit of the screen and the poetic potential of the bro change what it means to engage with websites actively and ambiently, in ritual / gathering / performance / communion.

Can I love the screen like it's never been loved before?

No Soliciting

No Soliciting is a new platform for (web)site-specific screenings and performances that I'm running.

We make participatory, embodied, and experimental sites that situate desktop performances, live, as 'adapted' publications, and as novel modes of preservation.

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If you'd like to invite me for an offline/online performance, feel free to reach out.